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"Maintenance is the key to keeping your car out of the Junkyard", says Mike Flood...
Changing your oil, rotating tires and checking all the fluids in your vehicle can go a long way to preserving your car.  Maintenance tasks can save you time and money.  Many maintenance tasks however, may not be specified in your owner's manual.  This is your vehicles preventative care and by proper and complete maintenance, many other costly and even hazardous problems can sometimes be avoided.  For your convenience please ask for FREE maintenance schedules.
Maintenance from 0 - 60,000

Use the following matrix to plan regular automotive maintenance of your car. This schedule is an excellent source of information for:

1. Performing preventive maintenance items yourself where possible and suitable

2. .Verifying that your auto mechanic’s recommendations are appropriate
3. Planning your budget to accommodate necessary future car repairs
4. Understand what car repairs are being recommended and why
5. Establish a work history log for your vehicle

This schedule is appropriate for most American, European and Japanese automobiles. As always, consult your owner’s manual for specific items related to your make and model. Information and instructions in your owner’s manual supersede this repair schedule, which means that if your manual recommends replacing the timing belt at 50,000 miles, do not wait until the 60,000 mark as shown in this matrix.

This guide is meant to supplement the manufacturer recommendations for your specific vehicle, and should not replace such recommendations. This is not meant to be car troubleshooting advice or replace the manufacturers' auto repair manuals. Wherever possible we have given recommendations of aftermarket products that we have found to be reliable and in our opinion, of good quality. These recommendations were added to inform the vehicle operator of products that may or may not be suitable for their specific vehicle. We recommend these products as helpful insight and from personal experiences.
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